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We provide full service for all fire safety and evacuation aspects of your building.

The Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) system requires all buildings with certain features (such as a fire alarm system) to obtain and maintain a BWOF. This requires the establishment of a testing regime to ensure that key life safety features within the building are tested regularly and maintained in good working order, and adequate records kept. This includes:
  Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Testing & Maintenance
Fixed fire alarm and sprinkler systems require monthly testing and an annual survey by a suitably skilled and qualified fire alarm contractor.  A service contract also ensures that you have a contractor available to quickly attend and rectify any activations or faults on site. Compliance Fire Protection guarantees our clients that we will be on site within one hour of being called to a fire alarm activation.
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  Emergency Lighting Testing & Maintenance
If you have emergency lighting or illuminated exit signs these must also be tested regularly, and kept in good working order. Combining these inspections with your fire alarm inspections is cost effective because our testers are already on site. We also have registered electricians on staff who can identify and repair any faults as they arise without the need to call in additional subcontractors.
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  BWOF Monthly Owners Inspections
The BWOF process requires basic, common sense inspections to be carried out, usually on a monthly basis. These checks are not difficult, nor do they require any technical knowledge or specialised equipment, but accurate records must be kept of the date and details of these inspections. We will be visiting your premises on a monthly basis, and can perform and record these inspections for you economically.
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  BWOF Annual Inspections and Issuing BWOF’s
More comprehensive checks are required on an annual basis, and we can organise these for you. We can also collate all of the documentation completed during the year, and issue your BWOF for you, including documentation to the Council.
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  Hand Held Fire Fighting Equipment
We can supply, service, maintain and inspect all of your fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets.
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